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Our Main Advantages


OfficA delivers a holistic range of supporting services for any business. Our goal is to be the sole service provider you need to manage your business operations. In addition to our administrative services, we work with a range of hand-picked external contractors: lawyers, accountants, cleaning companies, social media managers, insurers, travel agents and more. After getting acquainted with your organization's culture, we shall tailor a personalized administration solution that will accommodate both your personal and your business's needs. We offer a flexible, reliable, efficient, and professional alternative to employing full-time designated staff to attend all your needs.



Personal connection

At OfficA, we take pride in the unique and personal bond we form with our clients. We understand and acknowledge the sensitivity and intimate nature of the information we might be exposed to, during the course of our engagement, which is why we bring a carefully minded and personal touch to the professional relationship as it is formed.

Thanks to our ability to learn rapidly and effectively multi-task
our way, we can pay attention to the fine details, keep our client's best interests in mind, and even anticipate his future needs.



Problem Solving

OfficA's experience and diverse client base provided us with hands-on experience which enable us to provide creative solutions to a wide variety of problems across many areas of the business, swiftly and efficiently. In fact, we solve a lot of day-to-day issues without even bothering our clients, just to make our own work more efficient.

While it is true that the foundations required for running most operations are generally similar, it is the nuances that separate and distinguish one business from another.



About Us

We are a boutique agency that specializes in providing administration and support services for businesses and individuals. Many business owners do not have the time to deal with the day-to-day administrative aspects of their business. We believe in dividing responsibilities, so that every person in the company can devote himself to his or her area of expertise. This is why we strive to manage all day-to-day communications with external service providers and deliver a complete solution that will attend to your business every-need, allowing you to focus on the business core competence, while maximizing your time and profitability.

Noa Dror-Lorber
Co-Founder & CEO

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Hadas Ternoven
Co-Founder & CEO

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